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Frequently Asked Questions?



Marriage commissioners perform civil ceremonies. Marriage commissioners must be registered with the Marriage Unit, Family Justice Services, Saskatchewan Justice.

Clergy and marriage commissioners must be registered in Saskatchewan according to The Marriage Act, 1995.

Two witnesses 18 years of age or over are needed.

Licence Requirements?

In Saskatchewan, couples who want to marry must purchase a Saskatchewan Marriage Licence. This law came into effect on October 1, 1992.

The licence must be purchased at minimum, the day prior to the ceremony and expire 90 days after the purchase.

Saskatchewan marriage licences are purchased from marriage licence issuers, jewellery stores or town administrators in Saskatchewan generally provide this service.

Age Requirements?

Couples 18 or older can be married with no restrictions.

Persons 16 or 17 years of age:

Consent is required and forms can be obtained from a Saskatchewan marriage licence issuer or from the Marriage Unit.

If the parent(s) or guardian(s) refuse to consent to the marriage, the minor can apply to a judge of either the provincial or Queen's Bench court for an order dispensing with their consent. The minor may obtain the judge's order by applying to a court house in Saskatchewan.

Persons 15 year of age or under:

If either party of the prospective marriage is under 16 years of age, no licence will be issued and no marriage will be solemnized. However, an order from a Provincial Court judge can override this. The minor may obtain the judge's order by applying to a courthouse in Saskatchewan. In addition, the "Consent to Marriage of a Minor" form must be completed and attached to the statement.

Previously Married Persons?

If either of the prospective spouses is divorced, evidence of the termination of the marriage must be presented to the marriage licence issuer when purchasing the marriage licence. 

The following documents are acceptable as proof of the dissolution of marriage:

- The original or a court certified copy of the "Decree Absolute" of Divorce.

- The original or court certified copy of the "Certificate of Divorce".

- The preliminary document (a Judgment, an Order, or a Decree Nisi) are not accepted as proof of divorce in Saskatchewan.

- Church annulment papers are not acceptable.

The correct divorce documents can be obtained from the court in the province or state in which the marriage was dissolved.

All divorce documents must be translated into English or French by an independent translator. The translator must include his or her name, complete address and telephone number.


The original or court certified copy of the "Decree of Annulment" of marriage is acceptable. This document can be obtained from the "Custodian of Registrations of Annulment of Marriages" in the province or state in which the marriage was annulled. Church annulment papers are not acceptable.

Parties cannot remarry until 30 days after the annulment is granted.

Can same sex couples be married in Saskatchewan?

Yes. Same sex marriages are permitted in Saskatchewan.

Will I get a copy of the Marriage Certificate?

Please note that couples wishing to obtain the official  'Marriage Certificate'  must contact the Vital Statistics Registry. 

The order form is available on line at the following web-site:

There is a fee required by eHealth for the certificate. Advise the couple to contact eHealth Saskatchewan, Vital Statistics Registry directly for further information.